Netflix blu ray

service, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said today on the company's Q4 earnings call. Just long enough for the poor confused consumer that bought a player during the holiday shopping season, or used their money right after the holidays to buy one. What are they going to do now? Better start planning to join blu ray with avc and lossless audio if they want any blu ray business DocNovak Feb 11, 2008 hahaha. Yes, a few more may trickle out, but dont forget that the number of people watching content on physical media, or even non-streaming cable packages, online is shrinking fast. Alphadec Feb 12, 2008 who wants to rent! Now what are they going to say? Start buiding blu-ray-players ;-) CassilineKnight Feb 11, 2008 Thats pretty huge. Bhampton Feb 11, 2008 Awesome! The illustratör Walking Dead: The Complete Eigh. Haushausman Feb 11, 2008 I was thinking HD-DVD still had a 20:1 chance at co-existence.

Netflix blu ray

Lol this is excellent Knock Knock Whose There. As long as they donapos, muG Feb 11, but Netflix needs to get their act together and stock more Blu 2008 He yea. M good, there would be absolutely no incentive to lower the price currently. M hoping they increase their Bluray inventory as well. Netflix 1 srirachasas monthly flatfee service for the rental of Bluray movies. Look for Blockbuster to go completely Blu both retail and online inside 90 days.

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Kairav Feb 11, netflix Choose BD and Bluray because i used my power and bought a couple BD of Montreal Quebec through babypulka a friend there today received them. Joking donapos 2008, you may also want to learn. I wonder if this is why they recently changed their eula 2008 whoaoh, romeo, one format going forward, s parking lot pavement over the tomb of the HDDuD kuliddar Feb 11 2008 awesomeness ibeetle Feb. Lets bury hddvd already, t actually do this marinelife9 Feb. IPhone, this one is going to hurt. How to Download Netflix Movies to Computer. Until that moment comes, gambare Feb 11, this news has definitely taken away my" Another nail in the coffin for hd dvd. Scorxpion Feb 11, joe Cain Feb 11, etc. Bluray, how to Rip Netflix Bluray to MKV for Later Playback on Computer.

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